Reciprocal Horsemanship Series 

As I continue down my path of discovery as a horse trainer and teacher, I'm finding support and consistency are key to empowering students with their horses.

In addition, if relational and emotional issues go unaddressed, the training quality is never as good as it could be. Horsemanship should be done, given, or felt equally by both sides- horse & human. Good horsemanship is reciprocal!

This "Reciprocal Horsemanship Series" was born of my desire to offer the equestrian community an avenue through which to excel with their horses by going deeper through a long-term series vs. the short one weekend style horsemanship clinic. 

- Courtney Trares Owner & Head Trainer of  Full Circle Farm

This small group learning series (limited to 6 participants!) will be a 6 month journey as we work together to organically build upon your connection with your horse and increase your technical skills.

Material will cover groundwork, liberty, riding and more...Perhaps we'll even work towards a group field trip together!

In addition to Courtney's mentorship, you'll also get the opportunity to work with at least 2 guest instructors. More information on Courtney's  fantastic colleagues is below. 

Series Participants Receive:

FCF Reciprocal Horsemanship Series Schedule

May 2024

This will be our "on-boarding" month to set you up for success in the series. We'll have a welcome meeting via  ZOOM when the virtual discussion group opens,  and the first educational video will be released. Additionally, you'll complete a goal setting questionnaire/skills assessment which you'll discuss with Courtney in a private 1-on-1 ZOOM call! This is a great time to ask questions and spend time preparing yourself and your horse for what is to come with Courtney's support. 

The following months will include the above plus an in-person clinic day at Full Circle Farm with your horse and a monthly virtual lesson (in-person if FCF boarder). The dates for the in-person clinics are:

June 8th, 2024

July 13th, 2024

August 10th, 2024 (co-taught with guest instructor Michelle Knapp!)

September  14th, 2024

October 12th, 2024 

In-Person Clinic Day Format 

Courtney Trares: Series Leader & Head Instructor 

Get to know Courtney here

Michelle Knapp: Guest Instructor

Get to know Michelle here

Sara Rietsch: Guider of the Mini Meditations 

Get to know Sara here


Are you ready to join us for this one-of-a-kind and empowering learning experience with your horse?

You get all of the above instruction, support, experiences, and learning content for 6 months for just $2750.00!

Early Bird Special $2500.00 if full payment is made by 2/29/24!

Payment plans available. Please ask for details. 

Registration Opens January 1st, 2024

Only 1 participant spot is left! Complete registration to secure the spot!