Successful riding comes from building a solid foundation, learning to understand your horse, and building a better relationship with your horse both on the ground and in the saddle.

Foundation groundwork and understanding the psychology of how horses learn are the starting place with lessons. Online, on the ground, my instructional method teaches the horse owner to better understand the needs of their horse and to essentially become their own trainer. In the saddle, the instructional focus is foundation before specialization. Developing the horse’s motivation and willingness comes before perfecting tasks.

At liberty, the focus is on building a relationship of trust and a connection between horse and human. As the horse and rider advance, we incorporate classical in-hand and dressage training. Additionally, we have a strong focus on understanding biomechanics to improve harmony and physical health.

Photo by Geri Dunkle

Foremost, preparing students for successful riding at every level and supporting your horsemanship goals are my main focus. A few lesson horses are available.

Full Circle Farm Lesson Horses


Unico and Maple


Lesson Price List

  • Private $65/45 minutes

  • Group (2 or more) $50/45 minutes per student

  • Youth Leadline $35/half hour

  • Private lesson package $600 for 10 lessons (good for 6 months from date of purchase)

  • Virtual lesson $50