Horse Training

Relationship based training using dressage and horsemanship principles that empower the horse and rider physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Dressage, In-Hand Work, Liberty, and General Horsemanship

Every horse needs to be balanced in order to be relaxed, willing, and sound. Our program focuses on taking the green, older unfinished, switching disciplines, or unfit horse on a journey to balance using in-hand work and classical dressage. Horsemanship and liberty techniques are also utilized to aid in confidence and manners on the ground and in the saddle. Whether your goals for your horse are competitive or recreational, we can help with all your training needs.

Our owners value correct education and well being of their horse over quick results. We also emphasize owner education and encourage you to learn with your horse.

Horses new to the FCF Program go through a minimum 3 months of training as follows:

Month 1: “Evaluation & Foundation Tune-up: Physical, Mental, Emotional”

  • Physical: Is horse healthy and sound? Any issues that need to be addressed? (farrier, bodywork, nutrition, saddle fit, etc.)

  • Mental: What does the horse know? Any holes in the foundation?

  • Emotional: Calm, willing, and confident or reactive, resistant, and fearful?

  • Develop individual rehab/retrain plan as needed

  • Teach the FCF foundation/tune-up program: husbandry manners/routine, groundwork & ridden

    • May include: leading on a loose lead, yielding to pressure, lunging softly, saddling & bridling with acceptance, tying, mounting manners, body control, basic obstacles, riding on a loose rein, etc.

  • *Horses who arrive in good physical, mental, and emotional condition may progress directly into month 2 and 3 skills

Month 2: “Rhythm & Suppliness: Relaxation”

  • Introduction to classical in-hand work to improve posture, balance & suppleness

    • May include: topline stretch, standing square, lateral bend through body, backing, moving with correct bend, leg yields, transitions, cavaletti, pedestal, etc.

  • Undersaddle introducing forward, stretch, and bend to produce relaxation and strengthen the body

    • May include: riding forward, stretching, moving off the leg, yielding the poll, counter flexion, backing, transitions, cavaletti, basic figures (circles, etc.), light contact, etc.

  • Intro to liberty (optional)

    • May include: follow me, hindquarters yield, draw, beginning circles, etc.

Month 3: “Building Contact”

  • In-hand work in the bridle

    • May include: accepting contact, bend, laterals, transitions, etc.

  • Riding with contact

    • May include: accepting the bit, seeking the contact/on the bit, changing bend, transitions in contact, implusion, beginning laterals, intro and/or training level dressage test elements, etc.

  • Intermediate Liberty (optional)

    • May include: advancing circles, building distance, yields, etc.

*Above is a suggested plan of training progress. Each horse is an individual and we will go at the correct pace of learning for each horse. Some horses may exceed the above skills in 3 months while others may not.

The success of the horse when it goes home is also based on its rider gaining skills too. We want to give you the skills to succeed, so lessons are included with horses in our three month program after month one is completed!

3 Month Program Graduates may continue training by invitation or request of the owner. Custom program will be developed based on needs of horse and rider. Can continue recreationally or incorporate showing goals at this point.

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